we use the profesionel 20k Angel Slow Juicer in order to get the biggest amount of cold pressed juice and the driest pulp possible. Each juice is 100% freshly squeezed in front of the customers eye. 100% natural and vegan. No preservertives of any kind have been added.


We buy our organic vegetable from local farmes and prefer to use B-Stock products. Bent cucumbers, twin carrots, squared peppers... Those are vegetables which due to their looks won't be sold in supermarkets and get thrown away. Nevertheless the quality is a 100% and organic.


We offer personalized Catering starting from 10 people. - Fingerfood Catering - Smoothie Catering - mobile smoothiebar - bagel catering - healthy cold fine food catering 'tapas style'   Please send us an email or call directly for more information and a customized offer    


We offer all sorts of regional superfoods like stinging nettle, bee pollen, rose hip, sea buckthorn, dandelion, wheatgrass,lemon balm, oats, lemon balm We love wild herbs and add them to all our smoothies. Also non local as: chlorella, maca, guarana, pepper, moringa, cinnamon, kurkuma, cacao, coconut sugar, acai, camu camu


NYC style bagels! We have a local jewish bakery which delivers our fluffy bagels every morning fresh. 100% organic with different toppings avaibale. Our Bagels as well as our menu varies constantly.


Hot delicious Paninis fresh from the grill. It's a perfect snack or combine it with a small side salad for a filling and balanced lunch. All our menus have an option for meet lovers, vegetarians and vegans.


We have a variety of fresh heathy salads. Which are prepared on the spott. Focusing on the right balance of veggies, proteins and superfoods. Our dressings are 100% homemade from natural ingedients.


we serve delicious homemade power balls for a sweet filling snack or healthy desert. Powerballs are high in proteins, nutrions and minerals. As everything in our menu it does not contain any artifical sugars or other additives.


Our to-go cups are made of PLA, which is a 100% made of cornstach and is recycabel. It looks like plastic but does not harm the environment. Once it's headed up it starts to melt slowly. Our straws are made of pasta or real straw. Everything what gets not sold at daytime will be sold for 30% of the actual price through the app 'to good to go' after closing time.


We offer a wide range of different coffee specialitys. All employees are Barista trained and we have the fanatsic portafilter machine from ECM. We get our coffee beans freshly delivered from the amazing JoCaffè roast house based in Friedenau, Berlin.


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