flagship café in Kreuzberg

we are located in  the heart of Kreuzberg, close to Warschauer Brücke, Fridrichshain and Treptow. The shop is completely hand build by us and our team. We open Monday - Friday 9.00-19.00 and Saturday Sunday 10-19.00 special Brunch menu 10-16.00                      


              We offer personalized Catering starting from 10 people. Smoothie Catering Smoothie Bar/ mobile Smoothiebar Foodtruck catering Fingerfood Catering Flying Buffett bagel/ panini /salad / bowls catering/ delivery healthy fine food catering 'tapas style' organic wine and fruits cocktails catering Please send us an email to receive our current menu or call directly for more information and a customized offer


We buy our organic vegetable from local farmes and prefer to use B-Stock products. Bent cucumbers, twin carrots, squared peppers... Those are vegetables which due to their looks won't be sold in supermarkets and get thrown away. Nevertheless the quality is a 100% and organic.


NYC style bagels! We have a local jewish bakery which delivers our fluffy bagels every morning fresh. 100% organic with different toppings avaibale. Our Bagels as well as our menu varies constantly.


We offer a wide range of different coffee specialitys. All employees are Barista trained and we have the fanatsic portafilter machine from ECM. We get our coffee beans freshly delivered from the amazing JoCaffè roast house based in Friedenau, Berlin.


Health-boosting power shots deliver in a concentrated way a quick dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Our all time classic is pure Ginger, which supports healthy digestion and immunity. The ginger, kurkuma, cayenne shot cleanses, detoxify and boost the metabolism. And our speciality is a local spicy green shot, which which has an ability to promote fat loos, as well as bone and brain health.

Juice cleanse

we offer personalized juice cleanses, from 3 up to 7 days. depending on your goal, experience and body we customize for each client an individual cleanse. Juice cleanses detox and regenerate the body and soul.


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