we use the profesionel 20k Angel Slow Juicer in order to get the biggest amount of cold pressed juice and the driest pulp possible. Each juice is 100% freshly squeezed in front of the customers eye. 100% natural and vegan. No preservertives of any kind have been added.


Hot delicious Paninis fresh from the grill. It's a perfect snack or combine it with a small side salad for a filling and balanced lunch. All our menus have an option for meet lovers, vegetarians and vegans.


We have a variety of fresh heathy salads. Which are prepared on the spott. Focusing on the right balance of veggies, proteins and superfoods. Our dressings are 100% homemade from natural ingedients.


we serve delicious homemade power balls for a sweet filling snack or healthy desert. Powerballs are high in proteins, nutrions and minerals. As everything in our menu it does not contain any artifical sugars or other additives.


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