We offer all sorts of regional superfoods like stinging nettle, bee pollen, rose hip, sea buckthorn, dandelion, wheatgrass,lemon balm, oats, lemon balm We love wild herbs and add them to all our smoothies. Also non local as: chlorella, maca, guarana, pepper, moringa, cinnamon, kurkuma, cacao, coconut sugar, acai, camu camu


Our to-go cups are made of PLA, which is a 100% made of cornstach and is recycabel. It looks like plastic but does not harm the environment. Once it's headed up it starts to melt slowly. Our straws are made of pasta or real straw. Everything what gets not sold at daytime will be sold for 30% of the actual price through the app 'to good to go' after closing time.


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